Permanent Staffing Solution

Get the best talent filtered through our proven methodology!

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Permanent Staffing Solution

Get the best talent filtered through our proven methodology!

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Our Permanent Staffing Solutions are directed towards addressing the permanent staff requirement of our clients.

We understand every organization is unique and so is the industry in which it operates. Finding that “Right Fit” for your organization could be a very challenging and daunting activity. Having a partner, who not only understands your exact requirement but also the complexities associated with your business activity and the industry can certainly help in reducing the hassle. We assist you in joining pieces together and partner with you in finding the “Right Fit” for your organization.

Over the years we have partnered with organizations of all sizes in meeting their various permanent manpower requirements at senior management, middle management and junior level. We have expertise that ranges from managing niche skills vacancies for our clients to handling large scale hiring requirements at different levels for diversified business groups.

OptiFit Methodology

As HR partners, Mace & Wheeler works on a very simple but effective assessment methodology called OptiFit, which enables us to assess your corporate fabric and give your organization the Optimum fitment. This simple and effective methodology not only gives us a deep insight of your requirement but also helps us in assessing the talent being looked for.

Our team’s comprises of Subject Matter Experts who after understanding your requirement scout for the candidates from the vast talent pool and evaluate them using our OptiFit methodology, before presenting the candidature to you.

We strive to ensure that our methodology delivers the most optimal fitment for your organization thereby assisting you in improving the Quality of Hire, which could ultimately result in retention and higher business productivity for your organization and reduced recruitment costs.

Recruitment Project Cycle

At Mace & Wheeler, we treat each assignment as a new project, which goes through the cycle involving four different stages that are associated with a typical project management cycle, i.e., INITIATE – PLAN – EXECUTE – CLOSURE. This approach has ensured improved deliveries for our clients and has also created an evaluation mechanism that ensures continuous improvement for us by learning from deviation, if any, in previous projects.

Our Value Proposition & Strengths



Our team comprises of consultants and domain specialists, possessing deep understanding of industry, knowledge of required skills and right attitude to address your manpower requirements.



Our structured process has evolved over the period of time. Our processes, though defined and established can be customized and amalgamated with your process to ensure that we get that synergy in meeting your manpower requirements.


Industry Expertise

Every business and industry is unique and has its own complexities. Over the years of working with different clients and in different sectors, we have developed a strong understanding of various businesses and the industries in which they operate. While working with a new industry, our higher learning curve has ensured that we have developed the capabilities within right time thereby making us agile and faster in delivering the required solutions.


Use of Technology

At Mace & Wheeler, we have automated the entire recruitment lifecycle by use of technology that increases our efficiency by 45% and ensures that our team focuses more on meeting your manpower requirements than concentrating on mundane activities associated with recruitment.

Project Management

We consider each mandate as a new project altogether and follow the process of entire project management life cycle i.e. initiate, plan, execute and close. We ensure that our project deliverables can be assessed on the parameters of Times, Cost and Quality by our clients.

Mace & Wheeler Advantage

Certified & Experienced team with domain expertise

Structured Process

Higher closure ratio & efficient TAT

Regular reporting & performance analytics

Leverage of technology in sourcing

Use of latest recruitment practices and trends